The ‘3 of Your Pictures and 4 Hours of My Time LOL’ is an Instagram scam that plays on potential victims’ insecurities. The scam lure potential victims to it by calling their photos beautiful, rather than calling them ugly.

How the Scam Works?

The ‘3 of Your Pictures and 4 Hours of My Time LOL’ scam works by sending potential victims a Direct Message(DM) on Instagram and ask them to click the line within it. The DM claims that the sender have spent around 4 hours editing the potential victims’ photos so that they could be included on a super exclusive website. But, clicking on the link will take potential victims to a fake and phishing Instagram website that steals account credentials.

On the fake website, visitors will be asked to signin with their Instagram credentials, but if they attempt to do so, their credentials will be sent to the cybercriminals behind the scam.

Once the cybercriminals have received the stolen credentials, they will use it to hijack their victims’ Instagram accounts and use the hijacked accounts to sent the ‘3 of Your Pictures and 4 Hours of My Time’ scam to their victims’ friends.

The ‘3 of Your Pictures and 4 Hours of My Time LOL’ Scam

“I really didnt expect this to take me so long, But I finally got it all done. You better love it. I used some of your pictures.I finally got it all done and included some of your pictures. Check them out!Check out your photos

They’re right on top and the link reading ‘3 of your pictures and 3 hours of my time LOL – Instagram”

What if You Clicked on the Link?

If you click the link in the scam, but didn’t attempt to sign into the fake or phishing website that you were taken to, you have nothing to worry about.

But, if you clicked the link and attempted to sign into the website you were taken to, then your Instagram account may have gotten hijacked and used fraudulently. This may result in your Instagram account getting suspended. Therefore, change or reset your Instagram password as soon as possible.


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