35.black facebook


Did you know that you can’t comment “35.black” on Facebook?

If you try you’ll receive a pop-up message that says:
You can’t share this link.

Your comment couldn’t be shared, because the link goes against our Community Standards.

Facebook has provided no explanation as to why this term can’t be commented.

In the message, it refers to this comment as a link, thus some people have guessed that 35.black is a forbidden website.
That’s not true because 35.black is currently not registered to anyone and can be purchased for $625.

Other people have found a news article claiming Facebook has removed 35 fake Facebook accounts of black people.
The news article is likely fake as it’s posted on an untrustworthy website that posts gossip and invented stories without fact-checking.

So, why do you think 35.black is banned on Facebook? Comment Below.


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