Lets talk about the weird TikToks that are all about August 27 of this year and figure out what is happening on August 27 2020!

I guess if you watch Tik Tok, it’s really difficult not to notice these Tik Toks that are mentioning this date!

So many people are wondering what this date really means and what gonna happen on August 27! 

As for me, it sounds like a new powerful meme, which people use to gain popularity on Tik Tok!

It’s a viral thing without real meaning, cause I really have been searching a lot trying to find out what this date means, but I didn’t find anything, so it’s possible that this date doesn’t have real meaning!

So you shouldn’t be panic in any way, cause August 27 is just a regular date! It’s not an end of the world and I doubt that something bad gonna happen on that day, so just enjoy evolution of this meme! 

And if you want to get lots of views on Tik Tok, make a video about August 27! 

Also write in the comments what do you think about this date and this meme and where did you find it?


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