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britonmarkets.com reviews

britonmarkets.com belongs to network of scam sites. britonmarkets.com‘s Swiss registration doesn’t exist and their link on the website to the registration is broken on purpose. britonmarkets.com office address is fake, phone numbers don’t work. There are no real employees profiles on Linkedin even though they claim to be in business for number of years / decades. britonmarkets.com don’t ask to do an identity check and no matter what you do, please don’t send them any images of your document / document details by email. That’s now how KYC is done. They usually contact users on social media with fake profiles pretending to be existing trading experts by copying their profiles so they look identical. britonmarkets.com might ask you to invest in their trading bot. They ask to start with a minimum of $1k – $3k but will drop it to lower. Your money will quickly double but you won’t be able to see past trades because of the trading bot. If you want to try them, start with $250 and try to withdraw it. They will then tell you that they can’t stop a bot and you have to wait for a period of time, e.g. 3 months. They might offer you to withdraw when you pay a 20% fee upfront – you won’t see any of the money. They also give you a XX% credit of upfront capital from anyone that you refer.


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