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Comcast : Xfinity iPhone 11 Pro Max Scam

The “Comcast Xfinity iPhone 11 Pro Max” email below is a scam. Therefore, recipients are asked not to call the telephone number 1-844-472-5138 in the email because it is a fake Comcast Helpline. The fake email is being sent by scammers who are attempting to trick their potential victims into calling the fake Comcast Helpline, and then trick them into displaying their account credentials, personal and financial information.

From: Comcast Team <cisneros399espz@gmail.com>

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Date: 08/03/2020 10:55 AM

Subject: Comcast Account Activity


There has been a transaction of USD 1199.99 made on Xfinity.com through your Comcast Postpay for Iphone 11 Pro Max.

This order has been placed via Xfinity Mobile in your Comcast Account. Total due amount is $1199.00, which will be charged from your Comcast PostPay Billing Services in the next 24 hours if not cancelled or claimed.

If you would like to cancel this order or you haven’t placed this order, please call Xfinity Comcast Support at 1-844-472-5138 immediately to cancel this order and protect your account.

Comcast Helpline



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