If you have received the “Your Costco Package Loyalty Reward Will Be Delivered” scam message below, please do not follow the instructions in it. This is because the fake message is a phishing scam that goes to malicious website H7svz info. H7svz info located at is a malicious website being used by cybercriminals. The cybercriminals are sending out fake Costco messages like the one below to potential victims, attempting to trick them into visiting the link in the same messages, by claiming their Costco package with a $103 loyalty reward will be delivered. But, this is not true, and going to the link is dangerous because visitors will be tricked into completing surveys that steal personal and financial information, or they may be taken to malicious websites that steal account credentials or infect their devices with malware.

The “Your Costco Package Loyalty Reward Will Be Delivered” Scam

  • Shipped: Your Costco package with $101 loyalty reward will be delivered Mon, June 22nd Emily


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