Home scams tokelau scam call: Country Code +690

tokelau scam call: Country Code +690

Tokelau Missed or One-Ring Scam Calls

Scammers are making One-Ring, or Missed Scam calls from Tokelau +690 area code. It’s a telephone scam where criminals trick you into calling premium-rate numbers. The money collected via the premium pay-per-minute services will be paid over to the scammers unless the scam is detected and shut down by the callers’ telephone service provider. The danger of these scams is not receiving the phone calls, but calling back the premium-rate telephone numbers.

How the Scam Works?

A person finds a missed call on their phone. If the person calls the number back they will be re-routed to a premium rate number overseas and will be subsequently charged for the expensive call.

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